ThermoTreks (Personal Medicine Carriers)

ThermoTrek ThermoCline Technology (TCT) Designed to be intuitive and very easy for patients to prepare and use. The TCT panel protects from both extreme heat and extreme cold with single pre-condition. The Thermochromic Label on the TCT Panel visually indicates and verifies the readiness for packing. Components Supplied: • Insulated Patient Tote Bag • Expanded Foam Lid and Base • TCT Panel ThermoTrek Patients are able to transport their temperature sensitive medicines confidentially and easily. Qualified to maintain the medicine’s required temperature for 48 hours ensures that patient medicine is kept at its best efficacy all day. Constructed with 600 denier material (a durable, flexible and water/stain resistant fabric) allows the system to be reusable for multiple years. Components Supplied: • Insulated Patient Tote Bag • 4x PharmaChill 1515 Cool Packs • Packing Instructions